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About Danica Boyce

Danica holds a Masters in Medieval and Early Modern Studies and a Bachelor
of Education with a specialization in indigenous education, both from the University of Victoria, Canada. Danica grew up in a small mining town in northwestern Canada,
and produces Fair Folk podcast from her home in Smithers, British Columbia. When
she is not making Fair Folk she teaches ritual song,
and hikes in the mountains.

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Danica's podcast is so beautiful. The music, the history... I could listen to them more than once. It's like food for the soul.


An amazing podcast for folklore lovers

"I stumbled across this podcast around the winter solstice and it blew me away! If you’re interested in European fairy tales and folklore this is IT!"

– heaether

Wonderful, cozy, entrancing

"I'm so glad I found this podcast! I've been listening almost non-stop the past couple of days... It's been the perfect accompaniment! Thank you Danica for this beautiful collection of music and stories. So much of the music from the lands my ancestors came from, and even those I don't have (known) blood connection to, have been pulling on my heart on these cold and dark winter days around the Solstice..."


Worth Every Second

I can’t fully describe how grateful I am to have discovered Danica and her absolutely magical podcast. Each episode is a beautiful journey into the past that brings life to old traditions, yet it also strengthens your sense of home and belonging in the present. You can tell Danica puts so much heart and soul, time and energy into each episode. Absolutely worth listening to every episode and definitely worth subscribing to her Patreon (the monthly Almanacs are particularity good)! Thank you Danica!



Beautiful Beyond Words

Danica is a dowsing rod for the last bits of magic left among humans. The music, the interviews are so rich with deeply embodied beauty my throats tightens and my cheek pinches like I'm eating the finest chocolate I have ever tasted and just a bite is so rich I can hardly process it. I savor the podcasts in little bits sometimes because I'm so overwhelmed with it all. Wherever her attention turns beneath her listening ear an unfolding occurs and the result of this flowering stirs something deep in my blood, a remembrance, a feeling from a dream.

Bog Hobbit

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