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I offer hour-long Walk and Talk consulting: casual but personalized brainstorming sessions where we can discuss northern European cultural heritage, folklore and paganism in the terms it is discussed in my podcast, as well as possible ways you might bring more folklore and ritual into your life. I will likely be walking or doing some other physical activity during the conversation, but you will have my full attention. I often find that it is in walking that I have my best breakthroughs in conversation, and history is full of Eureka moments found when the body is in motion and relaxed, and away from computer screens. You are welcome to walk during our conversation as well!

A Walk and Talk is a casual conversation where you can pick my brain about things that I know, or inspirations I might have about ways you can engage with your cultural heritage. The purpose is to connect with a kindred spirit and get you inspired, and to answer any questions you may have about my own research methods or personal experience with my research or spiritual practice.


A What a Walk and Talk isn’t a package of resources, a request for research above and beyond our brainstorming conversation, or an invitation to a personal relationship.


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